Bamboo Plantations in Australia

While the world steams ahead with Bamboo being planted by the millions of hectares, Australia is still unaware of this fast, easy and renewable natural resource.  India is using it more than wood for paper pulp.  China is creating plywood and an array of fiber products from this more than wood.  Beema Bamboo, is so dense in fibre, it can replace any need for fossil fuel energy and other fibers such as wood.  We are running out of forest and fossil fuel.  Would it not make sense to use Bamboo, a grass, that grows and produces biomass each year for over 100 years.  Bamboo is abundant in many regions of Australia with a track record of 50+ years.  Let’s grow more!


We can consult and create a Bamboo Plantation solution with you in Australia and New Zealand. Currently the Australia property we showcase has hundreds of timber stands and many species on 300 acres with lake and retreat facilities.  The mid north coast and northern NSW and QLD are the most suitable regions to grow the largest, fastest growing bamboo on the Planet.  Australia has over 150 species to choose from and can provide bulk top 3 shoot/timber bamboo species.

We offer the brochure for ideas and can consult to help you set up.  Consulting fee is minimum $75 per hour – with 1 hour at least to begin the process or provide ample information over the telephone or internet.

See our Investment Brochure for Australian Bamboo Plantation here.



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