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Choose your dates for BAMBOO BUILD in 2018

'Hands on' practical workshop for 5 days, building from foundations to roofing. Visit real sites. Tours. A life changing experience!
We slot you into building contemporary designs on site - learning from the best Bali architects and builders. You will also visit and harvest from an extensive bamboo forest.
Bali Build

BALI PRODUCT Tour Workshops

Create your own unique design, and learn from Bali's best Bamboo Artisans
Over 3 days you will learn how to design and create various bamboo products and craft. We tailor this to your needs. 3 days is a good length of time to learn skill, but if you want to do 1 day programs, we can arrange that too...
Bali Product Design

Growing a Culture of Bamboo - Globally & Locally

Learn about us and the amazing world of Bamboo!

1 minute intro... to the amazing world of bamboo and Bello Bamboo's inspiration
We have moved to Byron Bay NSW - another pristine area filled with Bamboo!