For something that goes back 7,000 years in history in its 10,000 uses, Bamboo still leads the way with not only ancient design but also innovative design. It’s limits are only the human mind and ability to perceive.

Would you believe that bamboo could be great as a USB stick or wireless keyboard? Its strong fibre’s help it break down into any shape you like – thus the re-created, eco-friendly designs coming out at the moment.

See the quick taste of technology coming out relating to bamboo.

If it helps us stop cutting down our trees (which take too many years to regrow and are being cut far too soon for quality and strength)… then why not change your consumer choice in products and homeware to… Bamboooo!

As bamboo is valued to much in the Chinese culture, it has received billions of dollars in R&D and the below company manages 50,000 acres of bamboo for their resources!