Bamboo is being considered a better timber choice

Currently Available & Delivery from Mid North Coast Australia

Australia: Eungai Rail, NSW. Lucy 0491 101 032

Global: We can also recommend best supplies globally depending on where you are located to as part of our Consulting Fee.


Why choose local?

Using Bamboo is better than using our over harvested forests and we can help you work out what species is best for what purpose.  There is no limit to what you can make or do.  Call us if you want bulk discount coupon or see the various sizes.

Bamboo Poles are so useful for the odd building, festival or gardening project or even for those special occasions with a wedding arbour.

  • We can provide all the timber you need for full extensions or building projects.
  • We are specialists in world best natural treatment to ensure no bora beetles, no termites and no mould!
  • We teach people to build and make interior and garden products – so we know what pole works best for you.

 Give us a call or email to discuss your need and we can work out a price for you.  


Generally our prices are based on width of bamboo diameter (mm) then x it by the height per metres.  See below width prices.

So for example – if you want 5 metres x 25mm that’s a $22.50 Bamboo Pole.



Prices per metre, treated in Borax (natural salt solution) to create long lasting, pest free timber.

25/35mm   $4.5 

40/50mm  $7.5

50/60mm   $9.5

60/75mm  $14.0

75/90mm  $15.5

90/100mm  $16.5

110/125mm $25.0

125/160mm $28.0

Discount available for bulk orders. Delivery  options  extra. 


TAKE 30% OFF FOR UNTREATED POLES (We still select right mature age for strength and longevity.  Lasts 10+ years indoors, 2 years outdoors, 5 years undercover).


We also do special bamboo poles for…

Festivals.  Pre order and delivery.

Wedding Arbours 8 Poles.  Choose golden, dark brown, brown.

Poles for Sale






See here for more details:

Bamboo Wedding Arbors

Mossie Net (included) with Bamboo Poles

Mossie Net and Bamboo FrameTop poles and Queen Mossie Net (White or died to suit your decor)   $180

Top and Large Side Poles (to create grand bed) with Queen Mossie Net (any colour) $250

Top Large Poles (ceiling) with rope or thin bamboo – with Queen Mossie Net (any colour) $240

Poles x 4 – 25mm to 35mm to suite square mossie net – $50.  Free delivery.


What is Treated Bamboo?

We use a natural salt to cure or treat bamboo.  We use the method proven by the Balinese top designers as well as German Structural Engineers.  It stops mould and pests such as Bora Beetle and Powder Beetle etc…

We always select the right age mature bamboo so it is fit for strength and longevity, whether treated or not.  We dont harvest near shooting cycle as that has a high sugar/starch level and will cause your bamboo to mould and deteriorate quickly with likelihood of bug infestation.  Dont just get green bamboo!  Bamboo should not be perfect looking in the grove, that is the young bamboo.  Our poles, once cleaned, the bamboo looks amazing and lasts a very long time.

So often people cut bamboo and offer it for free – that is probably the wrong aged bamboo.  After a certain time bamboo is also old, and will deteriorate/break.  A 9-10 year old pole un harvested will die in the grove.

That is why it is great to harvest bamboo at the right time and right age… YEARLY.

For garden or temporary projects any bamboo is great, with 2 years longevity outdoors.

See also our article on Treatment in the Bamboo News section.




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