Bamboo un-managed, can seem a noxious weed that is out of control!  Yet in many Asian and South American cultures it is used daily and therefore never a pest.  It is one of the most used natural resources on the planet, and as our resources are running short… it’s time to use this fastest and most renewable plant.

There are also hundreds of clumping non invasive species that you can plant instead of the running bamboo.

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We provide a local Bamboo Management service in the Byron Bay region of NSW, Australia. 

We can support you to maintain, eradicate (our last recommendation), use and sell your bamboo resource.  Let our Bamboo Management team give you a consultation to identify the type you have and its value and uses.

For future resource and income, bamboo is the fastest growing, strongest timber and most ‘health-filled’ shoot you can choose for your property.

  • We can provide bamboo management and even harvesting support and learning so you capitalise on the many uses of bamboo (even the miniature) for home and market needs.
  • We can teach you in our many workshops and world tours, how to use your bamboo for the timber you need for full extensions or building projects.
  • We are specialists in world best natural treatment to ensure no bora beetles, no termites and no mould!
  • We teach people to build and make interior and garden products – so we know what pole works best for you.

Our goal is to make Bamboo simple – providing simple ways to manage bamboo within your garden and property.

Landscape design & consulting

Garden & Landscape Design & Consulting.  $45 per hour

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACreate a Bamboo & Exotic garden that is functional and beautiful.  Trim and adjust your current bamboo plants to compliment a bigger landscape or garden design.  Learn how to contain running bamboo so it can be enjoyed for its beauty without it taking over!




Plantation or Garden management (thinning etc..)


$45 per hour.

Our team can thin and tidy your bamboo groves and biochar the waste.  We can utilise your poles for market and discuss a future plan to benefit from this resource.

We can create barriers for your running bamboo.

We can ‘key hole’ your large clumping bamboo groves with our skilled chainsaw service so your grove can be more easily harvested from.


Plantation Design & Consulting.  $45 per hour

Jims plantation Cutloose with Rob at BelloBamboo

We can help you select the best timber, biomass and/or shoot bamboo to plant on your property.  Your bamboo asset will be a resource you can harvest every year (after 7 years) for sometimes 100 years or more.  We are creating networks of supply and demand so you can ensure the bamboo industry grows with your plants.  Our founder is on the board of the Bamboo Society of Australia and very much involved in international events and networks creating a strong bamboo industry in the world to replace the limited resources of precious forests and fossil / mineral.    See our PLANTATION BROCHURE.
Photo:  Jim, creator of the Mid North Coast network of bamboo growers and President of the Bamboo Society of Australia with Rob from Bello Bamboo.

Garden Features with Bamboo

Japanese water featuresJapanese water features.  $80

We design unique pieces for your garden including water features.




SANYO DIGITAL CAMERABamboo fencing.  $150 for 1.5 metres (1.8metres high)

We can create garden and property fences, screens and many other bamboo features.

Many types and methods, tailored to your needs.