Want to learn about bamboo?

Looking to develop your skills using this fantastic


Want to complete learning modules at your own pace?

Then Bello Bamboo’s online courses are for you! By collaborating with world bamboo experts, we are excited to be launching our new suite of online bamboo courses 2013!






Browse our online courses at the link below. When you find the course you’re after, simply add it to your cart, process payment (if applicable), and you will be guided to create an account. We will contact you when we have processed your order.

You will receive an email once we have processed your order. To access your available courses, lessons and downloads, simply log into My Account using your email and password (or else, you can find the link in the email we send you upon completion of your order).

View your account to see all the courses you are currently enrolled in and where you’re up to in the course. No need to rush your learning – all our courses can be completed at your own pace!



How much does it cost?

We are offering all of our courses for free during the first month!  Otherwise, our courses are really affordable at $5AUD.  And you can be rest assured your money is going to further the bamboo sharing of knowledge – it goes directly to the creators of the content (teachers and researchers), and to the set up of this online bamboo college.

What if I can’t find the course I am looking for?

We are adding heaps of new courses over the next few months so be sure to watch this space! If there is a particular course you are looking for, please contact us with your suggestion. Another great way to stay informed on the latest courses available, is to  join BOO NEWS for free today.

How do I add a course to the library?

Have bamboo knowledge or skills you would like to share with the world through our online college? Join us and start knowledge  sharing to grow the bamboo culture together.  We will have our team review if and where your course may fit in with our Bamboo College curriculum.