We are a collective of artisans, architects and advisers making bamboo products, providing services and helping increase knowledge about bamboo. Our creations include beautiful gardens, homes and other buildings, furniture and tools.

Currently our main focus is increasing the network for our Ecovillage vision.  Our scope is designing eco-friendly buildings and interior-garden design while naturally harvesting and treating bamboo for these villages.

We started in Australia for 5 years and are also in New Zealand.  All the services on this site are what we have done. Currently we are providing the below offerings, but happy to talk, for larger projects…

Australia – Lucy – 0491 101 032
New Zealand – Kirsten – bellobamboo@gmail.com

  • POLES: for private sales and festivals – pre-order. See page.
  • WEDDING ARBORS: various designs. See page.
  • WORKSHOPs: Build & Craft skills in New Zealand & Australia or pre-arrangement/fee for other countries.  
  • CONSULT: Bamboo Plantations, Building, Design, Festivals. 
  • DESIGN & INSTALLATION:  We can design gazebo’s, festival entrances, various unique structures, garden features, interior building features.

General Enquiries

E: info@www.bellobamboo.com

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