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The Bello Bamboo Company team are passionate about bamboo. We are ‘eco-livers’ – living in bamboo, using it in our lives and incorporating it into everything we do. For us, this is not just a business but a dedication to mother earth and her beauty.

Thanks to our strong background in business, education and retreats, we are able to offer participants an amazing experience in our workshops, retreats and tours.

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We search the globe far and wide to bring you a vast range of bamboo products. We stock beautiful handmade works of art and get to know the people behind the products we offer.  We have a growing array of local artisans sharing their wares and recently welcome a Thailand artisan and builder of bamboo to our team.   Locally – we encourage local craft – local product.  Yet globally we learn with our international community growing each moment.

Find out more about why purchasing bamboo products contributes to planetary wellbeing.  we expanding our services and products and experts.

Version 2 June 2013 of our website builds the platform for a large array of bamboo products – watch this site – as we build a large array of shop choices.



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We have 20 years in business and marketing and can help promote your services and products through our network and beyond.

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Be the change you wish to see in the world.  Ghandi

Bamboo is the keystone to the change we are actualising together with many!  See our ‘Manifestation & Vision Document’ and see if you want to be part of the change!


Feel free to make contact with us and let us know what you are interested in:

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“I can highly recommend Bello Bamboo. Rob and Kirsten did a great job of clearing enormous amounts of excess bamboo from my garden. Now they are helping to keep the rest under control, to make the garden of my new B&B look beautiful.”

Hilary Cadman, B&B owner and customer.

Hilary – Bamboo Management Testimonial,

Chakra Testimonial

I really enjoy working with Kirsten and the Bello Bamboo team whom I have met so far. They are committed to the earth and sustainable practices which is important for me as a permaculture educator in Bali. I use bamboo so much in building and I am more than happy to provide hand made craft knives to Bello Bamboo made from recycled metal and bamboo. I am looking forward to providing the Craft workshops with our balinese friends for the Bello Bamboo company. We like to see people wanting to honour our land and honour our people and it is good to see we can all learn and share knowledge together of craft and bamboo.”Chakra Widia

Chakra Widia – Bali Associate Testimonial,