True wealth is through the use of natural resources and people.


Did you know that bamboo can grow to it’s full height within 3  months and become mature within 3 years?  And a grove can have its mature bamboo cut each year for up to 100 years?  We cannot give most other natural resources to the worlds population without eradicating it fast.  Yet Bamboo is abundant when managed well.

“You cannot give every person on the planet a silver flute…. Yet you can give every person on the planet a bamboo flute.  As we become aware, we become conscious buyers and live conscious lifestyles.  Let us ‘re-educate’ ourselves in how to work in balance with the earth’s resources.”  Kirsten Daly

Stronger than Hardwood

Certain timber species of bamboo – and there are many, are often stronger than hardwood of a 100 years.  A bamboo culm (pole) only needs 3-5 years to reach its strength.  There is no need to over forest our National Parks nor State Forests.  If we embrace the Bamboo Culture as does half of the worlds population – we can create an industry that allows our forests to grow and prosper.  Technology is already available to turn Bamboo plywood into 2.5 x stronger average plywood.  Support the bamboo revolution by buying and investing in local Bamboo.


Better Paper Pulp

Only a few decades ago India produced more paper out of bamboo than out of wood.  Now it has realised how valuable Bamboo is, fueling the industry with billions of dollars.  China already uses bamboo for much of its paper pulp.

“You cannot give every person a piece of paper without taxing wood resources and harming its reforesting cycle…. Yet you can give every person on the planet paper made from bamboo.  Even recycled toilet paper is proven to be harmful to our waterways, and bamboo toilet paper technology is proving to be more eco-friendly.”  Kirsten Daly

See Kimberley Clark’s article – ‘banking on bamboo’


There is much more to Bamboo than meets the eye.  The below videos are excellent to open your world to the latest amazing developments and reasons for bamboo.  Enjoy!    See why we chose bamboo as the solution to the future in our ‘Manifestation and Path Document’

TedX talk – Kirsten from Bello Bamboo

Kirsten Daly, founder of Bello Bamboo recently spoke at a TEDx event on the topic: A bamboo future in the west. Travel into the future and see what life could be like if we embraced a ‘bamboo future’.

Why Bamboo is No. 1 development in this country

The World Bamboo Congress will be held in Damyang, South Korea in 2015 – at this amazing place which has a large famous bamboo forest for tourists and has a strong focus on bamboo in health, products, biomass and technology. This is a great short intro on why this region is adament that bamboo is the future.

10 reasons why bamboo is the future

This is a great short 5 minute groovy little film – created by INBAR (International Bamboo and Rattan) and helps anyone who knows little about bamboo to get excited about what it can do for our earth and community.

Snippets of a local talk on creating a culture of bamboo in the west.

Kirsten, Founder of Bello Bamboo, recently spoke at an event in the region. Snippets have been taken from this presentation to highlight how we need to create a new culture in the west to really embrace the numerous uses of Bamboo.