Growing a culture of bamboo, locally and globally.

At Bello Bamboo (Beautiful Bamboo), we are dedicated to creating a bright future of co-creating in balance with Nature.

Bringing people together to grow the culture of bamboo

We believe the first step is to create a new mindset about bamboo and this is what we offer at Bello Bamboo.  We have brought together a collective of artisans, researchers and architects from around the world to build you a large FREE information portal with options to take up short online courses also.  We want to get you thinking and considering ideas on how you might like to get involved in the bamboo revolution.  Be the change you wish to see in the world!

Chakra Testimonial


I really enjoy working with Kirsten and the Bello Bamboo team whom I have met so far. They are committed to the earth and sustainable practices which is important for me as a permaculture educator in Bali. I use bamboo so much in building and I am more than happy to provide hand made craft knives to Bello Bamboo made from recycled metal and bamboo. I am looking forward to providing the Craft workshops with our balinese friends for the Bello Bamboo company. We like to see people wanting to honour our land and honour our people and it is good to see we can all learn and share knowledge together of craft and bamboo.”

Chakra Widia

Chakra Widia – Bali Associate Testimonial,
  • Knowledge sharing and event promotion

    Bello Bamboo Boo-News is a FREE news online publication that connects thousands of artisans, architects, designers, hobby enthusiasts and environmentalists with the latest bamboo research, industry announcements as well as designer profiles, and info on bamboo courses and events coming up.

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  • Building a global bamboo network

    Our site provides exposure to bamboo artists, architects, designers and manufacturers.   We link homeowners with architects, product designers with manufacturers, galleries with sculptors, consumers with products…we’re constantly joining the dots to strengthen our global bamboo network.

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  • Creating beauty with bamboo

    Products:Our artisans, architects and advisers are passionate about making beautiful bamboo products. Our creations include beautiful gardens, homes and other buildings, furniture and tools.   Our online store offers  tailored solutions in everything bamboo – consider us your bamboo consultants in: bamboo plants, a growing range of homewares and innovative products and bamboo management, building & landscape services.


    Services:  We supply bamboo in Australia & New Zealand.  Poles, plants, designed products, shoots and building creations. We also run workshops from time to time.

    See Lucy at the 300 acre bamboo property – a beautiful retreat and airbnb location at Eungai Creek, NSW, Australia.  Lucy is at: 0491 101 032.  Lucy provides all of the Australia sources of bamboo.

    See Kirsten at  Kirsten often travels yet can connect or provide you with your New Zealand needs.

    We began in Bellingen and Byron Bay, NSW Australia.  We also worked a lot in Bali and up in the remote bamboo villages of Mt Agung.  We travel internationally so can support your projects.

    Our team can visit, consult, design and even create for, or with you. We can work together with our clients to create your own unique building, homewares, garden or property. You will feel revolutionary or evolutionary! (in a small private way); and be able to look back on the building process and remember it fondly for years to come. Our team consists of experts and trainees to give you value for money in your creation. Energy is the true commodity – you deserve not to compromise on it!

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  • Sharing bamboo knowledge to build skills for the future

    We run international tours, workshops and retreats, and online courses to help you upskill in bamboo from time to time.  Whether you’re looking for a new hobby or a new career, become inspired by all that bamboo can offer.

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  • Promoting bamboo courses and events

    We have been running Bali tours and courses – with our local contacts.

    From time to time we run workshops locally – see our  page.

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