Are you an artisan or architect working with bamboo and looking to share your knowledge or promote your products/services?  We want to hear from you!  We are building a network of Bamboo artisans in New Zealand, Australia and beyond.  Kirsten, founder has been a Board Member of the Bamboo Society of Australia, representing the Board internationally and the MC at the first Bamboo World Summit in Vietnam.  We have a large network of bamboo providers worldwide to call upon for sustainable, innovative projects.

Are you teaching people about bamboo?  We are also building an international team of bamboo educators.  Not theorists – but those who have proven what works and who have unique in depth knowledge (and video footage) of their experiences.  Do you have some good practical tips to share?  We want to hear from you!

Now is the time to join us!

Be part of the bamboo accelerated program!  Be part of the bamboo revolution!

Be the future.  Bamboo is the Future![/column]

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Paula Testimonial“It is an honour to work with the Bello Bamboo company as an artist and provide my work on the bamboo in its many forms. I have enjoyed knowing more about bamboo and how sustainable and useful it is in our homes and lives. I enjoy creating art for the home and garden ware range that the Bello Bamboo company is creating. I look forward to more projects together as we expand our range. I provide children’s art at the Bello Bamboo market stall sometimes and it is a joy to work with the children learning about and loving bamboo and art. Kirsten has a great vision and will really help our small town in work, life and creative opportunities. By the way, she is very loyal and ensured any other work she refers me to, provides quality associate services to me as an artist.” Paula

Paula – Bello Artist – Testimonial,


Chakra Testimonial

 I really enjoy working with Kirsten and the Bello Bamboo team whom I have met so far. They are committed to the earth and sustainable practices which is important for me as a permaculture educator in Bali. I use bamboo so much in building and I am more than happy to provide hand made craft knives to Bello Bamboo made from recycled metal and bamboo. I am looking forward to providing the Craft workshops with our balinese friends for the Bello Bamboo company. We like to see people wanting to honour our land and honour our people and it is good to see we can all learn and share knowledge together of craft and bamboo.”  Chakra Widia

Chakra Widia – Bali Associate Testimonial

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