Promoting connection, beauty, sustainability and learning by growing the culture of bamboo in Bellingen and beyond.

Our latest quote:

“Bamboo has both the Outer – 10,000 uses – as the old Chinese Proverb says, and the Inner – spirit and wellbeing air it generates when you walk in a forest, enjoy natural bamboo in your home and garden.  Come fall in love with Bamboo, with us, and naturally return to Balance with the Earth.”



Bello Bamboo (Beautiful Bamboo) is an international education-tour company and is currently offering an array of bamboo inspired services and products in Australia & New Zealand.

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We believe that bamboo is the future – and one of the most important choices in sustainability. By using local bamboo and local artisan builders and craftspeople, we in the West are becoming like other cultures, a people who turn to their backyard for resources and needs and move away from the unsustainable shop-buy-consumer model.  We are providing training and exposure to innovative bamboo products and building techniques, we hope to foster a growing bamboo culture, both locally and globally.

Bamboo is a natural resource that is renewable. Through skill increase of people who work directly with the natural resource, we can create a strong local economy, wealth and community.

We are directly connected to the impact of our actions and are empowered to feel free and independent.



Learn more about Bamboo & Bello Bamboo with these short videos below:

Kaye Byron Bamboo






“Kirsten is forging ahead with Bello Bamboo and creating awareness of the sustainability and usefulness of bamboo here in Australia and overseas. She has great client and networking skills.” Kaye Wood

Kaye from – Testimonial,


10 reasons why Bamboo is the Future

INBAR is an international organisation that promotes Bamboo & Rattan development. Leaders in research and ideas.

Merrangi Project in Bali

We visited this project in July 2014 on our International Tour. Bali is leading the way with innovation and this project shows the support of local farmers to plant lots more bamboo!

Our people in Bello & Bali

We have a great team and network in Bello and Bali – all excited by bamboo. The bamboo friends are expanding!

Local Bello Market

Spreading the word through the local Bello Market – we held the market stall for 3 years.