Kirsten Daly, Founder

Date:15 Apr, 2013

Kirsten Daly:

“I used to get pretty bored with doing the same task too often. Luckily the field I was in gave great ‘challenge’ – working in the people / learning development area (in and with small to large businesses… to government agencies). But something was missing – and that was getting my hands… dirty! With the extremes of profit and the increase of exploitation of people and natural resources, I wanted more choice and peace of mind for my family. A vege patch and self-sufficiency in our home makes me feel much more at peace about the future!

I dont just love bamboo and the beautiful ‘Bello’ (Bellingen, NSW, Australia) valley – I love the birds, the bees, the flowers and the trees – and for me – bamboo will save it for our future.” Full profile on Linked In

I wear a few hats at Bello Bamboo – the suit/business gal – the builder with the build team and the quiet artisan!