Denise Gouvea

Date:26 Jan, 2013

Denise Gouvea: Bamboo Architect and Permaculture Landscape Design

“Denise is a talented and qualified architect (and… flamenco dancer – see ‘our people’ video!) native to Brazil yet doing some very innovative projects in Australia in the areas of design and permaculture.” Kirsten

She has had 11 years of experience with bamboo and architectural projects in Brazil and Australia and is a Permaculture Designer passionate about sustainability and renewable resources.

She has worked with top south american bamboo architects and artisans and can design, make and build anything with bamboo. Always aiming to design environmentally responsible, economically sustainable buildings and spaces that are efficient and comfortable for its users and also beautiful to look at, she is constantly attending courses and training programs in the area of sustainability and design to improve her qualifications, including Ecobuilding, bamboo cycle and bamboo furniture building, Ecovillage Design and Implementation, Permaculture Design Certificate and Internship. Currently Denise has her own Design and Consultancy business – OCA Building Design where she applies all her broad expertise in Sustainable Architecture, Eco-village and Permaculture Design to help building a better world.

She can design your next building with Bamboo (and other medium) – from small pergola to additions to your home. She can provide design of your garden and property also, with her permaculture design abilities. She is a workshop facilitator for ‘craft’ and ‘building’ modules and much more…