Chakra Widia, Bali

Date:21 Feb, 2013


“Chakra was recommended to us by Ben at the Green School, Bali and wow – we saw him in action at a clients home – creating permaculture agri-aqua-systems and gardens. We visited his home and learning centre and he had built his own bamboo structure and makes tools from car metal!” Kirsten

He is an internationally recognised permaculturalist and skilled bamboo artisan and builder. See him in the film “Bali is my Life

He initiated projects to grow bamboo plantation in Indonesia as the resource is scarce and becoming exensive. Originally he was a translator to western permaculturalists and was inspired to get involved too. He has initiated many sustainable projects in Bali and Indonesia and is sought after to design retreats, hotel grounds and properties. He was born as a family of rice farmers and sadly realises ‘progress’ has caused his family’s land to turn into a retreat and ‘chemical’ agriculture. He is inspir’ingly positive and committed to Bali and the worlds future.

Chakra is a great workshop facilitator and translator linking us with local Balinese Artisans and Builders in Bali for our courses. Meet him at our Bamboo Future July 2013 Bali courses.

Here is one of his many videos – about green bamboo buildings: