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Kaye from Byron Bay Bamboo has shared below some of her tips and ideas about bamboo.  She proves nationwide bamboo plant delivery.  We provide local delivery in the Mid North Coast of NSW, Australia.


Tour of Jims Bello Bamboo 2014 (30)

Heinz bamboo tour bello bamboo 2014 (13)Baby Panda – Pogonatherum Paniceum c.v. Monica

Cute 1 foot high with pom-pom like appearance once established – makes a nice plant for small gardens/a container or a decorative tiny edging for a border or in front of other plants. Likes a good water but not to be too wet. Don’t allow to dry out.

This plant is great in pots but many like it in the ground as well. This has a larger cousin Malay Pygmy grass… … both great for Asian or Japanese looking gardens. Will handle a cooler climate than Byron Bay.





Plant Image 7 Himalayan Blue Mature KhasiaHimalayan Weeping (Blue Bamboo) Drepanostachym Falcatum

Height: max 2-3 metres

Delicate feathery foliage and fine pencil thin culms (poles) make this a popular small bamboo for courtyards or small gardens. The smallest of our Himalayan varieties. Trim & fertilise regularly. Very popular in Sydney and Melbourne as per the picture of a Byron Bamboo customer. Will grow 2-3 metres with a weeping nature, prefers shade and will tolerate colder areas. Not recommended for hot exposed areas. Great in pots for gentle feature.






Malay dwarf varie nursery KWood 2 Malay Dwarf Variegated – Bambusa Heterostachya variegated

Height: max 3-3.5 metres

Different looking bamboo with pale green variegated foliage, will grow 3 metres plus – forms a strong screen, or can be planted individually as a bushy shrub. Ideal in an area which has little room to plant i.e. narrow fence line or small earthmass. Small root system. Used in a close planted formation (1 metre apart). Quickly grows to cover an ugly area or provide a good screen which can be manicured to desired height/width. Space out further to allow for larger growth potential. Hardy drought tolerant. Frost Tolerant when established. Featured on Better Homes & Gardens June ’09 show.




   3 sizes of multiplex SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Bambusa Multiplex 

Height: max 3-4 metres

There are a few variations of this bamboo.  Perfect for hedging and small to medium sized culms (poles).  Fernleaf is less dense.  Golden Goddes and Silver Stripe are perfect for hedging.  Alphonse Karr has larger beautiful yellow and green striped culms.  Useful for garden stakes  easy to cut and harvest, lasting quite well as a temporary bamboo in the earth/garden.

In a bigger space these bamboo’s can grow wider but hedged, they are quite delicate.  Each species needs yearly pruning for hedging.

Due to smaller root size can be maintained successfully in pots or planters where a light screening effect is desired. Photo shows bamboo planted 2 years ago.

Plant Image 7 Himalayan Blue Mature KhasiaHimalayan Blue/Khasia – Drepanostachym Khasianum

Height: 3+ metres

Has a weeping nature with lovely purple/blue colouring at nodes with a small tint of white this bamboo is a brilliant fine pot plant or a nice dense small screen. Also sold as Purple Jade. Fine dark green foliage and slender culms (poles) make this a very attractive smaller bamboo or pond/ garden feature. Will tolerate cold and sun but much better with some protection and slight shade – grows with a weeping habit and 1.25 metre spread in good soils. A zen style can be achieved by regular pruning. Recommended for pots and planters.





Plant Image 8 Nepalese Blue

Nepalese Blue – Himalayan Porcatus

Height: 3+ metres

Another delicate, shade preferring bamboo from Nepal – fine thin foliage and culms with a tint of blue grey. Another beauty ideal for small areas of a garden or courtyard without strong sun. Multiple culms with light blue/beige tone. Note: Himalayan Bamboos do prefer temperate cooler climates but can be grown successfully in warmer areas, amongst other species to give a little shade and protection. Alternatively in a sheltered section of a garden as well as out in the open with sun… which means they will grow larger and with lighter coloration. Trim regularly & fertilise – spray with eco oil twice a year and your Nepalese will look brilliant. Ideal for Sydney and Melbourne conditions.

Star rated for a small delicate screen or ideal for limited garden area.


Murray Island in Brisbane KWood 2Murray Island (Native) – Schizostachyum sp. (NATIVE)

Height: max 4 metres

Yes there is a Native Australian bamboo! Traditionally used for blow pipes and musical instruments. Murray Island hails from far North Queensland (Torres Strait) grows well in sub-tropical & coastal areas. Has a broad tropical leaf mass – due to its bushy nature makes a good green screen with visible culms lower down, smaller variety with a dark green leafy canopy. It has a small base which is excellent for narrow spaces where a dense coverage is desired. For those people who want a large green leafed upright bamboo – which is an “Aussie” . space 1- 1.25 m apart for dense cover in good conditions.

Best to plant this variety in warmer areas through the Spring/Summer months. Keep well mulched and watered in Winter. Not recommended for high wind areas. Brisbane area has given great feedback.

Boniopsis in paddock spring KWood 2Bonnie (Small Screen) – Bambusa Boniopsis

Height: max 4 metres

Bonnie is a nice bamboo. So often we are asked for a bamboo to screen a small driveway or one storey building with the ‘oriental bamboo look’ and a hardy screen. This bamboo provides the option of a delicate yet hardy drought & cold resistance plant. A smaller size can be maintained. We feel this will satisfy all those that want a 4 metre bamboo that is similar to Gracilis. It is also good for planters or pots in urban balcony situations. It’s a pretty bamboo – pest resistant, cold tolerant and can be trimmed. Space 1.2-1.5 metre apart or a fraction more to get good coverage. This bamboo grows wide over time so can give a continuous screen.





Plant Image 10 Cream Weavers Bamboo Albostriata

 Cream Weavers Bamboo -(Albostriata) – Bambusa Textilis Albostriata

Height: max. 5-6 metres

Popular pretty screening bamboo with delicate foliage – similar in growth pattern to a Multiplex bamboo but more pest resistant. 5-10mm culms have multiple white/cream stripes, lots of small sheaths when growing. Apparently the shoots are very edible and good in Thai cooking. Think about this bamboo if you have a vegie garden that needs a screen or protection. It will form a useful addition to your edible garden and also give you the bonus of great poles as garden stakes for your tomatoes !! More splaying and less upright than other members of the Textilis family. Just 2 or 3 of this variety will provide a good dense screen and cover 6 metres quickly. Handles the elements.

So… is it time to get some bamboo into your life and garden?  If so, there are many nurseries near you.  In Australia, you can check the Bamboo Society website:

Bamboo Society of Australia

or check out our package deals for local delivery and pick up in the Mid North Coast, NSW, Australia:

Bello Bamboo Plants

or check out Byron Bay Bamboo and have Kaye and her awesome team give you delivery throughout Australia through her online shop and expert service:

Byron Bay Bamboo

 What about running bamboo?

When bamboo became popular in the 70s many people planted the ‘running’ vs ‘clumping varieties un aware of how intrusive these varieties in small gardens can be.  Unless regularly harvested or at least with a barrier or secure pot, this type of bamboo has a root system (rhizomes) that continue to expand… forever!  Or at least until the plant seeds and dies which can sometimes be 100 plus years!

We absolutely love running bamboo in an open property with borders around it (maintained or road or running creek/river) as an abundant source of top quality bamboo shoots, timber and material for products of all kinds.  We are lucky it was planted in our region and we manage and access many running bamboo groves.  Yet, we don’t recommend it being planted into the ground in a small garden.  It’s roots could keep growing til they pop up under your house and through your floor!  Clumping Bamboo has a set diameter it will reach in maturity and you can rest assured it does’t get any bigger or wider.  So, if you want the gorgeous running bamboo in your garden, put it in a secure pot (and check or change the pot after a few years) or get a HDPE plastic sheet  – Rhizome barrier.  Otherwise the above Clumping Varieties are perfect (and can be put in pots too!).

 Kerri installing barrier  bamboogarden dot com


HDPE (high density polyethylene) plastic sheet 30 inches tall x desired length has proven to be an effective tool to assist in controlling the unwanted spread of the running types of bamboo.  (US)

See a future NEWS post about the value of Running Bamboo.  Join BOO NEWS to get it first…


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