Bamboo Fabric – eco friendly or not?

This interesting short video clip from the ABC Television in Australia, highlights that Australia has within our grasp, a more eco-friendly bamboo fabric for the market and shares the truth on how “eco” or “green” bamboo textiles really are today.

Yet, as optimists, we believe Bamboo Fabric will always be more green than many synthetic sources.  But let’s support better-greener-new inventions when they come to the market as Dr Tara Afrin has achieved.

It’s strong, grows up to a metre a day, needs little water and can sequester more carbon than trees. It’s hailed as a green source of fabric, but what happens when you take something strong durable and hard like bamboo and turn it into something soft that you can wear against your skin? Tanya Ha looks into the green credentials of fashionable bamboo.

ABC Bamboo Clothing Short Video Clip


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