New awesome bamboo building

ChiangMai Life Construction in Thailand are leading the way with bamboo and earth. Their design and build of the international school: Panyaden (Buddhist based philosophy), is outstanding and as beautiful as some other well known designs and green-schools in the world. Their subtle but beautiful designs, and humble approach are what led us to choose to tour to Thailand and visit and learn from them. Their website has some fantastic research about the value of bamboo such as:

“In construction we generally need two types of materials: one that can take pressure/load and one that absorbs tension. That is why the combination of concrete and steel has become so successful: concrete as load bearer and steel to make up for its rigidity and buffer the tension and shear forces. But here is what many don’t know:
– The tensile strength of Bamboo is at least the same as steel (40kp/mm2), some research says even superior to steel. The strong tensile fibers are in the so called skin of the bamboo, which also has a high content of silica and protects the inner “meat” against the elements and insects.
– The inner part or “wood” has a similar hardness to oak wood.
– Its structure is like a tube, reinforced by segments. This results in a lighter weight and at the same time this profile protects much better against bending and breaking than the rod profile of a steel rod”

You can see why they use bamboo!

see and view the beautiful architecture and design work of bamboo and earth.
come on our tour with us to see innovative design and process first hand. See our Events.

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